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I have been assisting clients for 15 years with a success rate of 97%. Last year, my clients generated profits exceeding € 6.5 million

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"Becoming a successful real estate agent is not a matter of chance - it is the result of a clear vision, well-defined goals, consistent actions, and dedication to serving clients."

Leanika Järve

Real Estate Specialist

Leanika Järve

My experience will help turn your thoughts into reality faster than you can imagine.

My name is Leanika Järve, an expert in the real estate field with 15 years of experience. I am the founder and director of Leprofit Coaching, a highly regarded real estate training company based in Estonia, widely recognized as the best in the market. I have successfully launched multiple real estate agencies and personally closed hundreds of transactions. Additionally, I have trained thousands of real estate agents, showcasing my ability to effectively teach and guide others in this field. My knowledge and experience provide Leprofit Coaching with unparalleled expertise and credibility.

Personally, I am dedicated to continuous reading and international development, ensuring that Leprofit Coaching's training and mentoring programs are always relevant and effective.


From training effectiveness to extensive experience: Leprofit stands out in the real estate field

Another important factor that sets Leprofit apart is the company's commitment to continuous learning and development. Järve is dedicated to ongoing reading and international advancement, ensuring that she stays up to date with the latest trends and best practices. This ensures that the training and mentoring provided by Leprofit are always relevant and effective.

Leprofit is also known for its strong mission of transforming lives through education. This is reflected in the company's motto and is evident in the results achieved by Leprofit's clients. The effectiveness of Leprofit's training is attested by satisfied client feedback and the number of trained real estate agents.

In addition to expertise and mission, Leprofit stands out for its extensive experience. Järve has experience in various aspects of real estate, such as buying and selling, renting, selling development projects, and property management. This means that Leprofit can provide comprehensive training that covers all aspects of the real estate industry.



The Best Real Estate Trainer in Estonia: Strong Network and Dedication to Quality

In addition, Leprofit has a strong network of contacts in the real estate market. With years of experience, Järve has built a robust network of contacts that can be beneficial for clients aiming to succeed in this field. This network can provide valuable knowledge and connections that help clients achieve success in their real estate careers.

Finally, Leprofit is known for its professionalism and dedication to quality. Järve's knowledge, experience, and commitment to continuous learning showcase her professionalism in the real estate industry. This is reflected in the high-quality training and mentoring provided by Leprofit.

In conclusion, Leprofit is the best real estate trainer in the Estonian market due to its expertise, mission, extensive experience, strong network, and commitment to quality. Led by the experienced real estate veteran Leanika Järve, Leprofit organizes comprehensive, relevant, and effective training that helps individuals excel in the real estate industry.

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