"Unlock Your Real Estate Potential" 07-08.02.2023 Kaunas

The "Unlock Your Real Estate Potential" training program is a comprehensive two-day course designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to start and grow a successful real estate business.

In order to create a lifelong real estate career, you need to learn how to find clients, how to provide them with high-quality service, and how to keep and grow your client base.

Many people think that the most important thing in the job of a real estate agent is technical knowledge. I agree that they are also needed, but the most important thing is still to find a client. If you don't have a client, you have nothing to do with technical knowledge.
The "Unlock Your Real Estate Potential" training is suitable for people who want to start their career as a real estate agent or for existing agents who want to take their business to the next level.
The aim of the training is to provide practical skills and tools to successfully manage your real estate business. We teach how all participants, regardless of their background and level, can gain an overview of how to become a successful broker both as an individual and in a large company. What results to expect and how to build your customer base step by step.


Time 07.02-08.022023
Price 478 €
Durabilty 2 days
Academic hours   20 academic hours       
Trainer Leanika Järve


        Day 1:

  • Introduction to the real estate business and market overview
  • Keys to sales success and understanding different human types
  • Time planning and creating a daily, monthly, and annual plan for your business
  • Strategies for customer acquisition and self-marketing


         Day 2:

  • Understanding the services offered to sales clients and effective communication and inspection techniques
  • Contract negotiation and price negotiation strategies
  • Creating a sales and marketing plan for properties
  • Understanding the services offered to buyers and effective communication and showing techniques

 Throughout the course, participants will learn how to find and acquire clients, provide high-quality service, and grow and maintain  a strong client base. The course is suitable for people of all backgrounds and experience levels and will provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed as a real estate agent.

 For all topics, I have acquired real stories and real-life examples in my 15-year career. All of this knowledge gives you the clear tools that will make you a successful real estate agent.

  •  Create a business plan and generate leads
  •  Market yourself through different channels
  •  Find customers and objects
  •  Create and manage your customer base
  •  Create your daily, monthly and yearly plan
  •  Change the way of thinking and habits
  •  Work with buyers and sellers
  •  Use various marketing materials effectively


As an experienced practitioner, I know what I'm talking about and share knowledge from what I have practiced over the years in my real estate career. I have launched leading real estate companies such as RE/MAX and Epicenter Kinnisvara. I have been a partner in the Arco Vara franchise network and an internationally recognized broker. My knowledge is based on real estate business and training in the United States, and over 15 years of experience in the Estonian real estate market, where I still do transactions myself.

What you get from the training can be effectively and directly applied in fulfilling your goals. During the two-day training, I give a lot of practical advice on how to get from tips to deals, find solutions to the most important situations and be more successful than others in a constantly changing economic environment.

If you learn at least one thing from the training, which will bring you many new deals, then it is a worthwhile investment. 

    Real estate agents who want to take their business to the next level.
    Individuals who want to start a career as a real estate agent.


If you have any questions, feel free to call +3725023709 or write an email info@leprofit.ee.
NB! If you want team training, please write to info@leprofit.ee so that we can make a price offer.












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